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To Our Friends at the South Valley Animal Shelter,

We’d like to thank you for all of your help with our studio performance! We appreciate the time and effort that was put in prior, during, and after the performance! We loved having the cats on the show! We hope that all of the wonderful animals at the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter will find homes! Watch out for the sketch entitled “New Cat” that will come out this fall.

Thanks again!

Studio C Production Office



1st Annual ‘GIVE A DOG A BONE’ food drive! Don’t forget about all the sweet sheltered pets that might not have a home throughout the holidays… We are accepting all food donations at 582 West 3000 North in Spanish Fork, UT. Monday-Friday 9-6 Saturdays 9-1! THANK YOU!!!

Looking to help our furry friends this holiday season? Here is a great way http://kuranda.com/donate/5920?utm_source=South+Utah+Valley+Animal+Shelter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=shelter-forward-holiday-promo-dog


This video is so true. See for your self. God Made A Dog


The following article is from the local news paper. It covers mostly deer and elk, but it also applies to other animals. Baby birds that have fallen out of their nest, baby kittens that have wondered off, baby raccoons, etc. Please leave them, their mothers WILL find them.