> > > PLEASE NOTE < < <   If your pet needs to be spayed/neutered or vaccinated, please contact your local Veterinarian. 


If the animal you like has already been spayed/neutered, you will not be charged for it, and it will be deducted from the adoption price.  Adoption prices may be up to $20 more if vaccinations have been given.  *Adoptions end one hour prior to closing.

Dog Adoption Application

Dog Adoption (Male)
Neutering $60
License $35
Rabies shot $12
Microchip $20
Adoption Fee $20


Dog Adoption (Female)
Spay $85
License $35
Rabies shot $12
Microchip $20
Adoption Fee $20


Cat Adoption (Male and Female)
Spay/Neutering $45
Rabies shot $12
Microchip $20
Adoption Fee $15


Dog Licensing Altered Unaltered
1 Year $15 $35
2 Year $25 $65
3 Year $35 $95
Tag replacement


For more information on dog licensing, view the license page.

If the dog is impounded more than once and the dog has NOT been spayed or neutered, a spay/neuter deposit of $50 will be charged.  The deposit will be refunded if proof can be shown that the dog has been spayed/neutered within 30 days of the redemption.


***PLEASE NOTE*** If your animal is here, it is your responsibility to bring in his/her vaccination records.

Impound Fees                                             
First Impound
Second Impound
Third Impound

4th and above

$75 – $100
Boarding Fee $15/day
Other Fees Over 3 Months Under 3 Months
Owner Release (in our jurisdiction) $50 $15
Owner Release (out of our jurisdiction) $150 $45
Euthanasia $50 $50