Staff Members






Lindsay, Receptionist

Lindsay is the face of our shelter, and has done an excellent job assisting the public for just over 6 years. She enjoyes working with the people she meets on a daily basis. Lindsay owns a pampered black Pomeranian, Boe, and 2 spoiled hunting dogs Remi and Koa.



Carrie, Animal Technician

Carries loves reuniting animals with their families and has enjoyed this as an employee of SUVAS for about 3 years. She bred and trained her American Saddlebred horse, Royal, who is now 16 years old. She also owns an 11 year old red and white Border Collie, Toby. She misses the farm she once owned in Wisconsin, but also loves where she lives now with lots of room to garden.


Michelle, Animal Attendant

Michelle has worked at SUVAS for nearly 5 months and loves helping animals find homes. She has experience with many different kinds of animals. She owns dogs, cats, birds, chinchillas, horses, llamas, potbelly pigs, peacocks, a snake, and a pygmy goat. She enjoys being in the outdoors.