Volunteer Information

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering at the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter! We appreciate our volunteers and the help they provide!

Below is some information we think will be helpful to you, as well as contact information for us.

Inmates from the Utah County Jail work at the Shelter. They are in the shelter during business hours. The inmates have various charges against them, including sex offenses. Volunteers should have virtually no interaction with inmates, but should be aware that they are throughout the building.

Because we want to ensure we provide the best service possible to the animals we house and the public we serve, our volunteers complete a fairly involved application process before beginning work in the Shelter. The steps will include:

  • Watching a video about working in an animal shelter where inmates work.
  • Tour of the facility
  • Criminal background and reference check
  • Interview with the Director or another member of staff
  • Orientation class about the shelter & policies

You should know that we are not a no-kill facility. As much as we would like to be, unfortunately, we do have to euthanize animals. Volunteers are never part of the euthanasia process but we want you to be aware that we do euthanize in the Shelter.

All volunteers begin work in the Shelter completing many cleaning duties such as mopping, vacuuming, washing windows and weeding gardens. Volunteers may have the opportunity to move up to other levels and do other work such as escorting customers throughout the building, bathing or grooming animals, assisting at adoption events, web development and others. Whether a volunteer moves up depends on several factors including the current needs of the Shelter and volunteer aptitude and attitude.

We ask that you commit to working a minimum of once a week for six months. Volunteers may be required to wear an ID badge or specific shirt so that they can be identified as volunteers.

Because we know that sometimes a potential volunteer absorbs this information and changes their mind about volunteering at the Shelter, we leave the next step up to you. If you are still interested, please fill out an application and call the Shelter to schedule a time to watch the required video. It takes about an hour to watch the video and we ask that you watch it between the hours of 10 and 4 weekdays. If we have the staff available at the time to give you a tour of the facility, we will be happy to do that as well.

If you have questions or to schedule your video, please call Camille at 801-851-4088 or email license@suvas.org

Click here to apply.